Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Hi, everyone! So tomorrow I'm going to Tallinn with my daughter for a week to visit my relatives and friends. I thought maybe it will be fun to show you what I'm bringing with me makeupwise. I decided not to go crazy and packed just what I think I'll be using for sure. But I'll take all my brushes though! :)  


Olivia RPS said...

ahh, i use that shampoo, its amazing! actually really does add more volume for my unfairly thin hair :P
have a great time :)
Olivia x

Alisa said...

I like that shampoo too, this bottle is nice for traveling. At home I have a large bottle of Cutrin's Energy shampoo, it's also good at giving volume ))

The Droll Doll House said...

That has to be the most impressive (and well organised) collection of make-up brushes I have ever seen!
Sue xx

Alisa said...

thank you so much )))) I actually never thought my brush collection would become so big! But I love and use all of them!
I also got 191 and 130 Mac brushes in Tallinn because I couldn't find them at the Mac counter here in St.Petersburg ))