Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Hi, everyone! So tomorrow I'm going to Tallinn with my daughter for a week to visit my relatives and friends. I thought maybe it will be fun to show you what I'm bringing with me makeupwise. I decided not to go crazy and packed just what I think I'll be using for sure. But I'll take all my brushes though! :)  


Olivia RPS said...

ahh, i use that shampoo, its amazing! actually really does add more volume for my unfairly thin hair :P
have a great time :)
Olivia x

Alisa said...

I like that shampoo too, this bottle is nice for traveling. At home I have a large bottle of Cutrin's Energy shampoo, it's also good at giving volume ))

A Beauty Minute said...

That has to be the most impressive (and well organised) collection of make-up brushes I have ever seen!
Sue xx

Alisa said...

thank you so much )))) I actually never thought my brush collection would become so big! But I love and use all of them!
I also got 191 and 130 Mac brushes in Tallinn because I couldn't find them at the Mac counter here in St.Petersburg ))