Friday, September 10, 2010

MAC Questions

Hey, girls! So my favorite makeup brand is definitely MAC! Most of my beauty collection is MAC products. They helped me to become more professional and creative at the same time with my own makeup. I can't say enough good things about the company. Recently I came across these questions about your MAC history :) And I decided to share my answers with you. Hope this helps you find some new stuff to try out!

How long have you been using MAC?
I've always wanted to try their products, but they didn't have a store in my city. About two years ago my husband brought me some MAC presents from Moscow. He was so cute calling me and asking what eyeshadow colors I needed :) He took the picture of his purchase and sent it to me, it was really cool. Here it is, my first MAC haul:

And a few weeks later MAC finally opened in St. Petersburg, so I'm using their products for about two years.

What was your first MAC product?
I remembered that my first MAC purchase was actually Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. I got it in Tallinn. 

What's your all time favorite MAC product?
I think Cleanse Off Oil. It's my holy grail skin care product! I'm also loving their eyeshadows and brushes.

What's your least favorite MAC product?
Strobe Liquid Lotion

Do you own a Pro Card?
Unfortunately, I don't. 

Your MAC foundation shade:

Your favorite MAC foundation:
Mineralize Foundation SPF15


Pretty Please

Like Venus dazzleglass

Smolder eyekohl and Point Black liquidlast liner (stays on forever and easily removes with Cleanse Off Oil)

242 and 187 - the best! Couldn't pick one.

Nail Polish:

Pro Product:
Pro 15 Eye Shadow Palette

Comment on the following MAC product. Have you used them? If so, give feedback.
Prep & Prime Skin:
Wasn't that impressed. Probably because I'm not a huge fan of primers.

Full Coverage Foundation:
Never used

Studio Sculpt Foundation:
Nice foundation if you have dry skin. I also love the packaging.

Face and Body Foundation:
I really liked it. It is very lightweight but gives a nice coverage. Easy to use. 

Mineralize Satin Finish:
Never used, but planning to.

Studio Fix Fluid:
To me it was a little bit drying.

Studio Moisture Tint:
My favorite tinted moisturizer.

Select SPF15 Foundation:
Never used

Select Powder:
Never used

Studio Tech Foundation:
I liked it but I think if you are looking for a liquid to powder compact foundation Mineralize Foundation SPF15 is the best.

Studio Fix Powder:
It was ok for me in the summer but in the winter my skin was too dry for it.

Mineralize Foundation SPF15:
As I mentioned, my favorite MAC foundation. Has great ingredients and blends nicely. I use my 130 with it. You can get darker shades for contouring.

Mineralize SPF15 Foundation Loose:
Never used, but it's on my wish list.

Beauty Powder:
Didn't get a chance to get one, so never used.

Sculpt and Shape Powder:
Never used

Blot Powder:
Never used.

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural:
I love mineral makeup in general. My skin feels great when I use mineral products. And I use MSF Natural in Light everyday as my setting powder. Sometimes I wear it in the summer as my foundation, I buff it in with my kabuki. I also own MSF Natural in Medium Dark and use it as an all-over bronzer. Too bad the powder doesn't have a mirror though.

Mineralize Skinfinish:
I absolutely love them! I own 3: Gold Deposit, Soft and Gentle and Smooth Merge. I like Gold Deposit as a bronzer, Soft and Gentle as a highlighter and Smooth Merge can be used as a blush and as a hightlighter as well. They are so pretty on the skin!!! You can also use them as eyeshadows!

Bronzing Powder:
I owned one in Refined Golden and it was a very nice shade.

Powder Blush:
I own a few of them, my favorite for the moment is Trace Gold. I'm a fan of bronzy shades.

Never used

Mineralize Blush:
I love them. They are like mini MFS versions. I have Earth to Earth - gorgeous bronze color with a tint of purple.

Cream Color Base:
Great multi-purpose product. My favorite is Shell.

Beauty Powder Blush:
Never used, but heard good reviews.

Studio Sculpt Concealer:
I like it. Creamy and easy to blend. Nice packaging (actually I love MAC packaging in general).

Select Cover-Up Concealer:
Never used.

Select Moisturecover Concealer:
I think it's the best, it is so moisturizing and lightweight.

Studio Finish SPF35 Concealer:
It covers everything, but it is too drying. Works if you have to take pictures.

Lip Erase:
Never used, but would like to try.

Tinted Lip Conditioner:
Never used.

Love these. Amazing shade range, different finishes. I think MAC has the best nude lip colors. I love Myth and High Tea. Snob is my favorite pink and Diva is one of my favorite dark matte colors.

Love them. Favorite of the moment - Nice to be nice from the hello kitty collection.

I only own one in Like Venus and I really like it! Stays on your lips for a long time.

Cremesheen Glass:
Never used

Lip Gelee:
Very nice glosses. Not sticky and smell nice.

Lip Liner:
I love MAC lip liners. Cremestick Liners in Beurre, Summerfruit and Pink Treat are my favs.

Solar Bits: 
A lot like MAC pigments.

Lustre Drops:
Great liquid highlighter. I also like to mix it with my foundation for some glow.

Nail Lacquer:
I heard different reviews on MAC nail polishes, but the ones that I own are really nice - don't streak and last a long time.

Love these as eyeshadow bases or on their own. Like the color Taupographic. I also enjoy greasepaint sticks.

I own Bamboom. Can work as a base or as an eyeshadow. Nice neutral color. The pachaging is cute.

Paint Pot:
Great eyeshadow bases, nice range of colors. I use Quite Natural on my eyebrows, by the way (with 208 brush).

Eye Shadow:
Can't say enough good things about MAC eyeshadows. For me, they are the best!

I love using pigments, I own two of them. It is probably the most versatile product that MAC offers. Tan is my favorite color. You can even make a nail polish color out of them!

Mineralize Eye Shadow:

They are really nice, especially when you use them wet.

Never used

I love Smolder and Fascinating. They are so soft, perfect for the waterline.

Never used

Love them as liners and as eyeshadow bases.

Liquidlast Liner:
I own Point Black and it's great; intense inky black color. I also own Classic Cream, you can use it as an eyeshadow base - your shadows will never crease.

False Lashes:
Never used

I love Splashproof Lash, it's waterproof, lasts all day, holds the curl nicely.

Eye Brows:
I use this self-sharpening brow pencil in the color Fling. It's great.

Never used

Your favorite MAC collection:
I liked BBR, the brushes were amazing. I also loved Hello Kitty, Naked Honey (High-Light Powders were great), Warm&Cozy (mainly for Mineralize All-Over Lotion) and To the Beach (lovely products, colors and packaging). I think my favorite is To the Beach.

I would like to tell you about some other MAC products that I love:
- Belightful iridescent powder. It is such a pretty pearl color with golden shimmer. Perfect highlighter. Also it has a mirror.
- MAC Skincare products. As I mentioned, I absolutely love Cleanse Off Oil. I also use Mineralize All-Over Lotion and I really like it. Studio Moisture Cream is good for winter and Moisturelush Eye Cream is good for undereye area.
- Pro Palettes. I love 4 eyeshadow palettes for traveling and 15 shadow palettes for keeping shadows organized on my vanity.
- Lash Curler. It's great!
- Makeup Bags. I own 3 of them and I love them.
- Fix+. I like to take it with me to freshen up my makeup during the day. It's also great for using eyeshadows wet.
- And of course, BRUSHES! I think I own almost all of them. Yeah... I love makeup :)

I really hope you found it helpful! And what are your favorite MAC products? Thanks for stopping by! 


Unknown said...

Great post. There is so much from MAC I love but MAC underage and c-thru are my fave lipglosses, Plink (they just discontinued) is my fave lipstick, and tempting,retrospect, nylon etc are some of my fave eyeshadows. I love eyeshadows. :)

Jessica said...

Awww that was so sweet of your husband! Great post. We use cover girl a lot too!

Alisa said...
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Alisa said...
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Alisa said...

Ansa, thank you so much! I love tempting and retrospect too ))

Sunny&Star, thanks :) they don't sell Cover Girl here, too bad!

SparklyRose said...

A great post! Lucky you! we don´t have a MAC store :( greetings :)

Mimi said...

i loved reading this because i learned a lot about MAC. i have some makeup products from MAC, but i just don't know what else to get from there. have a great weekend!

<3, Mimi

Alisa said...

Mimi, thanks a lot, I'm so glad this helped! :)

m0chiii said...

your husband is so swweeet <3

Jessica said...

I wanted to stop back by and let you know we are having a our first giveaway over on our blog. I hope you come over to check it out.

Igor said...
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Igor said...

Joo joo, Mac computers are the best. I am using Mac a lot

Alisa said...