Monday, October 25, 2010

MAC Haul

Hey, everyone! Here is a little haul/review post for you. Me, my husband and our daughter went to Budapest for ten days. It's a special place for us, we used to live there for a month two years ago. I will make a whole post on our trip later, but for now - what I've purchased in MAC there. When we got back, I decided to buy some things in MAC here in St.Petersburg.

This is what I picked up in Budapest (swatches are in the same order):
1. Brush Cleanser. I like it so far.
2. Mega-Rich Rigment. As far as I know, it's a discontinued color. I needed a deep gold color and they did have that pigment in a 7.5 g jar, so I was lucky. I adore this product :)
3. Sumptuous Olive Eyeshadow. Very nice green color, looks great with golds and browns.
4. Green-Smoke Eyeshadow. It's just like the color of my eyes, green-grey. I think it will look nice on me.
5. Star Violet Eyeshadow. I wanted this one for a long time. Although it's a bright color, it's very wearable. 
6. Jest. Great highlight.

St.Petersburg MAC (swatches are in the same order):
1. Cleanse Off Oil. As I already wrote, this is probably my favorite MAC product ever. Definitely a must in my skin care routine. 
2. Fling Brow Pencil. I use it all the time, perfect color for blondes.
3. Style Influencer Mineralize Trio. You can create many looks with this little palette. Navy blue is gorgeous. I've been told, In the Groove was the first MAC collection to release mineral shadows with satiny feeling that are very pigmented. They really are different. 
4. Mineralize SPF15 Foundation Loose. I'm out of my Bare Minerals foundation, they don't sell it here, I ordered it online. Now I decided to try MAC's loose mineral foundation. In my opinion, it's very nice. I think it's quite underestimated.  

Hope you found it helpful! See ya!


Jessica said...

Very pretty colors.

Unknown said...

Great haul. I love jest. By far one of my fave shadows. It doesn't get enough love. xx

Alisa said...

Thanks girls!! I agree about jest :)

Roseanne said...

Super pretty colors!! Great haul hun, I know this sounds crazy, but I recently won $1000 worth of MAC products and I'm giving most of my prize away if you're interested in anything, Great blog :) xoxo Roseanne