Monday, December 20, 2010

My Favorite MAC Eye Shadows

Hey, everyone! I would like to share with you my 10 favorite MAC eyeshadows. It was quite hard to choose 10, but here they are. I love these colors and use them a lot. There's no description of the colors - I think the MAC website has the best description of their products, so you can find it there.  

1. Prussian
2. Smut
3. Satin Taupe
4. Club
5. Antiqued
6. Wood-winked
7. Carbon
8. Fig. 1
9. Pink Freeze
10. Motif

What are your favorite eyeshadows? I would love to know :)
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Blusherine said...

A nice selection of warm colors! I also really like Satin Taupe and Antiqued!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

I don't have a favorite eye Shadow.

Great post.

Karina said...

They look beautiful! Unfortunately I don't own any MAC eyeshadows .. however I'd really liked to have some in the future :)
xoxo karina

white-lotusflower said...

I love Satin taupe and club too.
Another MAC eyeshadow that I love is All that glitters.

Alisa said...

Thanks :)

I love all that glitters too!

Unknown said...

i love it!!!

Lien Van Melkebeke said...

Nice top 10! Satin Taupe is one of my favorites too :)

Anonymous said...

Great collection! I love brown tones.


Unknown said...

I have so many I love. I love all the lusters like tempting, retrospect, gleam. I think they look way better on than they swatch. I love Satin Taupe, Antiqued, all that glitters, goldmine, humid...I can go on for ever. MAC do great eyeshadows. If you have green eyes, check out tempting and retrospect. They are gorgeous.

Alisa said...

Thanks, everybody!

Ansa, I love lusters too. Green-smoke is just like the color of my eyes :) Humid is also nice. MAC definitely makes great eyeshadows, I feel like I love them all. Tempting and Retrospect are on my list :)

Nells said...

i love earth tone colors!!mac is the best**
i follow you!
check my blog if u like and tell me your opinion!

Alisa said...

Thanks a lot! I left you a comment on your blog :) Following you too!

i said...

I like your color selection lots. especially the top left one and the dark green. my favorites are from mary-kay moon...something,because its an everyday eye shadow and for other occasions I use some darker colors in combination that are mostly from lancome, estee lauder, nivea and artdeco

X, Annie

Alisa said...

Thanks )) nice selection of brands!

Maddalena said...

Looks great :D


You have a really great selection of eyeshadows. My favorite is Creme de Violet but I'm also lemming for most of the colors you have here:-)

Day of the Red said...

Hey thank you for following. I am so excited to have another follower!!! Your blog is really fun to read as well. :)

Kelsey - said...

You should definitely try Mac Naked Lunch eyeshadow if you haven't already! Such a good neutral eyeshadow.

Thanks for following me on my blog too, you're my first follower! Means so much <3

Alisa said...

Thanks, I will try that out!