Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything

Hey, everyone! Hope you all are having a great weekend! Just wanted to make a quick post on some things that I've been loving lately :)

FOTD/HOTD: This is the makeup look that I've been wearing a lot! It is super easy and fast! I hope you like it. 

Almost forgot to tell you about my hair do: I usually don't like braids, but I got some compliments on this hair style and it's so easy and fast as well. I actually am into braids now!

This is what I used:

FACE - pro longwear foundation, studio finish concealer, msf natural, "tenderling" blush (all MAC)

EYES - brow wax by MAC, "bamboom" paint by MAC, shiseido cream shadow in "lemon sugar", "fascinating" eye kohl by MAC, white shadow by bourjois, loreal liquid liner, kiss lashes №026

LIPS - MAC lip gelee (don't know the name, sorry!)

HAUL: I wanted to share with some beauty things that I got and really like

MAC mineralize all-over lotion - love it! use it all the time! this is my third tube!
MAC eyeshadow in "crystal" - pretty light silvery purple
OPI exfoliating cuticle treatment - keeps your cuticles neat and healthy

Duo lash adhesive - it's the best
And I love my new mirror from Stockmann :)

I also wanted to show you my beloved MAC palette. I've been using it a lot lately, I feel like I have to give it a break and use other shadows that I own. It's really cool, because it has colors literally from MAC stores all over Europe, they were like little souvenirs to me :) some of the shadows I depotted myself, some are limited edition. It's not full yet, but I like that I still have some free spots in it. I only have one large palette, because most of my MAC shadows are in a pot form. 

Top row (left to right) - star violet, sushi flower, jest, paradisco, coquette
Middle row - graphology, green-smoke, stately black, electra
Bottom row - crystal, sumptuous olive, too dolly, white frost

RECIPE: I enjoy cooking Chinese lately! Check out these shrimp pot stickers
I actually made wontons myself too :)

Until the next time, everyone!


Grace said...

Love the braid! :D

Alisa said...


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Cute braid. I wish I knew how to French braid.

Unknown said...

You look gorgeous. xx

Ninjagaiden78 said...

Very nice hair do.

Anonymous said...

i love the make-up. very natural. i also love the braids, if only i'm not too lazy to do my hair! :)

Alisa said...

@ Amy, thanks! It's really easy, I'm sure there are a lot of tutorials in the internet!

Thank you, guys!

x said...

I absolutely love the braid, very 2011!
Aaah if only I was good at hair! ;(

Alisa said...

Hey, according to your blog, you are pretty good at hair) thanks for your comment!

Helly Di Duca said...

I wish I could braid my hair myself. I remember my mum doing it for me for school and it was like getting a facelift it was done so tightly :)


Alisa said...

ahaha, same story with me)))

Eva said...

beautious :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip on Dior's taupe shadow. Will check it out soon. xx

Alisa said...

No problem))

Carrie said...

Your braid looks lovely and I love the colour of your hair

Anonymous said...

i nominated you for a blog award!
check it out:


Kata said...

Nice post,Alisa!<3

I made a new blog!Old blog not workking good.

You found it here:

Iam be happy if you can follow me :)

Danica Moon said...

hi you've been awarded the versatile blogger award please check my blog

Danica Moon said...

hi you've been awarded the versatile blogger award please check my blog

Alicia said...

love the braids. glad to hear you're beginning to like them.

ps thanks for checking out my blog! <3


Jenny said...

hi alisa, thanks for dropping by my blog! you look absolutely gorgeous, loving the braid!

Polly said...

Thx for the comment, dear! Love your blog too :))) You are so pretty


Read With Nelia said...

Love the Braid...Wish I could create the same look :)


Rita said...

I love your hair.
Great blog


sassycasual said...

Love chinese food, and your "non-visible", but so flattering makeup.
Cute braid.
Too bad we don't have MAC cosmetics in Macedonia. :(

Alisa said...

Thank you everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alisa! You are soooo pretty! I love your blog and your beauty and fashion ideas! Kisses from Serbia!