Sunday, August 29, 2010

Most Worn/Favorite Things

Hey, girls! I'm so excited to share with you my most worn and also my most favorite items. What you reach for the most is not always your favorite thing. For me it's mainly because I tend not to use something I like to make it last longer ))) Yeah, it may sound crazy, but I really wish I can enjoy my favorite closet and makeup items for as long as I can. But sometimes I love the stuff so much, I can't stop using or wearing it. So the first on the pictute will be my most worn item and the second will be my most favorite. Sometimes they are the same. Here we go...

Most Worn/Favorite Shirt
The shirt I wear the most is definitely this red t-shirt by Guess. Something about the shape of it makes me throw it on whenever I'm hesitating what to wear.
My favorite shirt will be also a red one, this one is by Lacoste that my hubby gave me for my 25th birthday, which was two weeks ago (I will make a post on my birthday soon). It looks so nice on me, I can't wait to wear it.

Most Worn/Favorite Pants
Most worn - black Zara leggins, they go with everything!
Favorite - Twenty8Twelve by S.Miller jeans. I love them! They are this really cool burdungy color and they have very cute zippers on the back. I got them 3 years ago in Tallinn and I used to wear them everyday back then. When I got pregnant, I had to change my wardrobe of course, so I couldn't wear them a lot. Now I realize that these pants are the best in my jeans collection. 

Most Worn/Favorite Handbag/Purse
Most worn - Guess handbag
Favorite - H&M purse, this is the one that Taylor Momsen (I love her!) wore on the set of Gossip Girl :) I got it almost 3 years ago in Budapest, so I was very excited when I saw it in GG! 

Most Worn/Favorite Shoes
Most worn - grey boots by the company called Link
Favorite - black Zara shoes

Most Worn/Favorite Necklace
Most worn - gold necklace with a little gold ring pendant, I wear it all the time
Favorite - this necklace is special for me. My husband got it for me when our daughter was born. It says "Marina" which is our daughter's name. It is sterling silver and it is by the company Key to My Heart, he ordered it online. I'm planning to give it to my daughter when she grows up, now I wear it myself and always think about our little sunshine when I look at this necklace ))

Most Worn/Favorite Earrings
Most worn and favorite are the same here - those white gold ones

Most Worn/Favorite Nailpolish
Most worn - "Parlez-Vous Opi?" by OPI
Favorite - "Re-Fresh Mint" by China Glaze. It's kinda hard to apply, but it is such a pretty mint color!

Most Worn/Favorite Perfume
Most worn - "Pure White Linen" by Estee Lauder
Favorite - "Prada" the regular one. I love this scent, but it is not for everyday. The packaging of this one is so cute and convenient. 

Most Worn/Favorite Hair Product
Most worn and favorite - Cutrin's Nordic Balance Energy Mist, it makes my hair so shiny! I can't live without this product.

Most Worn/Favorite Eyeshadow
Most worn - is the eyeshadow palette by MAC in "Smoke and Mirrors". This is from the last year's holiday collection. These neutral colors are perfect for everyday and the palette is very nice to travel with. And I always use my lovely highlighter "Shroom" by MAC with this palette.
Favorite - is also the palette by MAC in "Lucky Tom". This is from their Hello Kitty collection, which I loved. I always add a little bit of "Wood-winked" by MAC to the look from this palette. It turns out lovely!

Most Worn/Favorite Lipstick (I'm adding the lipliner because for me it's a combination)
Most worn and favorite - is "Angel" lipstick by MAC with Sephora's lipliner №12, I also really love "Beurre" cremestick liner by MAC, it's a great natural color.

Hope you liked it, BYE!