Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Style Tips

Hello, everyone! Here are a few of my summer beauty and fashion secrets! Hope you enjoy and find them helpful :)

When I want to look sexy...
I usually wear cleavage-flaunting clothes, especially dresses. I think, they look good on me!

In the summer I can't live without...
A pair of nice sunglasses. You have to protect your eyes!

I can't stop buying...
Bags and purses. In the summer, winter, pretty much all year round :)) When I go shopping, a new purse is usually never on my list because I own so many, but I always end up getting one, haha!

The key to great summer hair is...
To try not to use much heat styling tools on it. Also a good hair cut in the beginning of the summer is a must for me, I have long hair but I like to give it a shape.

My self-tan secret weapon...
It is actually MAC To the Beach Bronze Body Oil. It's not a self-tanner, but I don't usually use self-tanners and I find that this product gives my skin a little bit of a tan, it also moisturizes and makes your skin glow. Perfect for summer!

One beauty lesson I've learned...
I really like Lush Massage Bars to moisturize my skin. I used to use body lotions, but I felt that they didn't do anything for me. Massage Bars contain natural oils, your skin feels amazing afterwards.

When I'm looking for a bargain...
I go to Zara. It's the closest clothing store from where I live and they usually have good deals.

I love my...
Hair. I'm a natural blond and I never want to change my hair color. I used to put some highlights and lowlights in it to give it some dimension, but I haven't done that in a while and right now I'm loving my natural haircolor! I really enjoy wearing my hair down in the summer!

Happy summer, ladies!

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Hi, everyone! So tomorrow I'm going to Tallinn with my daughter for a week to visit my relatives and friends. I thought maybe it will be fun to show you what I'm bringing with me makeupwise. I decided not to go crazy and packed just what I think I'll be using for sure. But I'll take all my brushes though! :)  

Monday, June 7, 2010

Love Her Style

I've been a fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar for 10 years (wow!) and I absolutely love her style. So nice and simple!

Friday, June 4, 2010


Hey, everyone! My name is Alisa and I'm from St.Petersburg, Russia. I was born in Tallinn, Estonia. I've always loved these two cities, they are a real inspiration for me, hence the blog title image - my picture of old Tallinn. Me and my family live in St.Petersburg, but we have many relatives and friends in Tallinn, so we visit them a lot.

I'm a linguist and an English teacher at the St.Petersburg State University, but I've always been a very girly girl, so I love everything beauty and fashion. I believe every woman should know how to enhance her beauty and how to take care of herself. I don't take fashion too seriously, I think fashionable is something that you simply enjoy to wear. I finally decided to start a blog to share my style, clothing, makeup interests with you. I enjoy scary stories and horror movies - my long time hobby.

I am also a mom to my beautiful daughter Marina and a wife to Andrei. I hope you enjoy my blog and find some helpful tips and ideas and of course some inspiration. So what shall we start with?..