Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Boyfriend Blazers

Hey, everyone! Just wanted to ask for your opinion :) I haven't even looked at boyfriend blazers in stores, mainly because my husband thinks that they are not very flattering (he doesn't say that I shouldn't wear them, it's just his opinion and usually I trust it). The second reason is that I have a lot of blazers. So I honestly wasn't that excited about the whole trend (and I'm excited about pretty much all the trends haha). But recently I was browsing through the Zara website and came across three boyfriend blazers that I really liked. I think you can make them look feminine and they are actually very elegant, they were made for women after all. So what do you think, should I at least try them on?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NOTD: Luminous Tulips

Hey, everyone! Here is another quick NOTD post for you. I love this color and it was so easy to put on too. 

"Luminous Tulips" (Sally Hansen):

Hope you liked it!
Have a nice week! Until the next time!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

NOTD: Neutrals

Hello, everyone! My nails of the day :) I used Essie's "Neo Whimsical" (first coat) and MAC's "Earthly Harmony" on top. I applied Essie's color first because I wanted it to make MAC's polish a little bit lighter and it's a beautiful greyish lavender (it looks pink in the picture, but it's not).

Our Christmas tree :)

Happy holidays!

Monday, December 20, 2010

My Favorite MAC Eye Shadows

Hey, everyone! I would like to share with you my 10 favorite MAC eyeshadows. It was quite hard to choose 10, but here they are. I love these colors and use them a lot. There's no description of the colors - I think the MAC website has the best description of their products, so you can find it there.  

1. Prussian
2. Smut
3. Satin Taupe
4. Club
5. Antiqued
6. Wood-winked
7. Carbon
8. Fig. 1
9. Pink Freeze
10. Motif

What are your favorite eyeshadows? I would love to know :)
Thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My New Watch

Hello, everybody! Recently I received an early Christmas present from my hubby - my new watch by Guess. I own a couple of more classic watches and this time I wanted something a little bit more fun. It's so bright, girly and pretty. It will be great for summer time :) 
Just wanted to share with you my excitement!

Happy Christmas shopping, everyone!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Hair Routine

Hey, everyone! I would like to tell you about my hair routine. Hope you find it helpful!

I'm a natural blond and my hair is naturally very straight. As I already wrote in one of my posts, I put lowlights and highlights in my hair to give it some dimension, but I haven't been doing that for a while and I'm really satisfied with my color. I also have a lot of layers in my hair - I enjoy my haircut.
My hair about 4-5 months ago (it's longer now):

I go to my hairsalon about once in 6 months (not very often, I know, but it works for me) and I have a very nice hair stylist, he always gets me exactly when I say what I want to do with my hair - pretty hard to find, right?

I try not to wash my hair very often, I feel like it's getting thicker that way. But of course with work and  other different occasions you just have to wash it every day. 

Usually when I wash my hair in the morning I don't have time to use all my hair products, but I try to take care of my hair when I have little bit of spare time.

This is what I use:

My shampoo and conditioner - Estel Professional color hair shampoo and The Body Shop honey moisturising conditioner. 
I have a lot of different options of masks, leave-in conditioners and mousses, most of them have a heat protectant, but my favorite treatment is Lee Stafford moisturising mask for blondes and my fav heat protectant is Got2be guardian angel. I have some products for curling my hair, but I hardly wear it curly because I'm a fan of straight hair. 
If you have some questions on the products, feel free to ask me in the comments!


P.S. I would also like to share with some new jewelry that I got. The right necklace is from TopShop, the rest is H&M.

Hope you like it, until the next time!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

What's in My Makeup Bag?

Hey, everyone! Let's take a look inside my makeup bag :)

I have many makeup bags, but lately I've been using this cute pink one.

These products are not my favorites, I just take them with me, so that I don't have to change the content of my makeup bag all the time. Actually, I rarely touch up during the day; but if I need to, this is the makeup that I use. 

1. Tissues
2. Hair brush
3. Lotion by Caudalie
4. Lipgloss by Lancome
5. Dior nail file
6. Lush perfume
7. YSL powder
8. Givenchy blush
9. MakeupStore lipliner
10. Gosh eyeliner
11. MAC shadestick
12. MAC 188 short handled brush
13. Chanel concealer
14. Hair clip

Take care everyone, bye!

Monday, December 6, 2010

FOTD: Winter Look

Hey, my dear readers! How was your weekend? 
Just a quick face of the day post for you. Recently I've been wearing pretty much the same makeup everyday, only changing my eyeshadow or not using an eyeshadow at all. And I'm a fan of a brighter lip right now. All in all, I love these products :)

Here is what I used:

Face - Bare Minerals foundation in "fair", MAC studio finish concealer along with this concealer palette that I don't know the name of (Coastal Scents had the same one), MAC "tenderling" and "earth to earth" blushes, Alpha highlighting powder

Eyes - Lumene mineral eyebrow pencil in "blond", MAC "soft ochre" paintpot, MAC "fascinating" eyekohl, MakeupForLife eyeshadow palette, Bourjois white eyeshadow (I don't know the name, the sticker came off, but it's a very nice white color with a little bit of shimmer), Dior eyepencil in "black", MAC "rapidblack" penultimate eyeliner, MAC splashproof lash mascara with MaxFactor false lash effect waterproof mascara

Lips - MAC "beurre" cremestick liner, Chanel "positano" lipshine, MAC dare to wear lipglass in "ban this!"

Thanks for stopping by, until the next time!

Friday, December 3, 2010


Hello, my lovely followers! So today I hit the big 40 number on my blog! There are 40 of you who read and hopefully like my blog! I'm very excited and planning to continue writing about beauty, makeup, style and my life in general! And most importantly I would like to thank you for support and all the sweetest comments! I'm really impressed by the fact that everyone is so kind and respectful to each others opinion!

Again, thank you all sooooo much!


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mini Haul - Jeans

Hi, everyone! My husband and I went to check out this new mall that opened recently here in St.Petersburg. Here is my latest haul. I got these H&M jeggings, cause I love legging-type items and I wear them all the time!!! So I thought these would be very comfortable and versatile. Plus they are so inexpensive too :)

We also stopped at TopShop and my hubby purchased me those cool high-waisted skinny jeans. It's my favorite style of jeans right now, I own a few already. I think they are very flattering for my type of figure. So here they are:

1. H&M jeggings
2. TopShop jeans

Oh, and there's a separate MAC store in that mall now, so they sell pro palettes and pan form eyeshadows! Finally! 

Hope you liked it, bye!

Friday, November 26, 2010

My Current Routine

Hey, everyone! I read this in Makeup by Ansa, a lovely blog I follow, and decided it would be fun to share with you my current routine. So here it is:

1. Cleanser
Fresh Line foaming oil blend face wash or MAC cleanse off oil
2. Toner/Lotion
Sometimes I use Fix+ by MAC
3. Serum
Don't use any
4. Moisturizer
MAC mineralize all-over lotion, MAC moisturelush eye cream
5. Facial Mask
Matis energising mask or Mineral Beauty System purifying mud mask
6. Exfoliator
Clinique 7 day scrub cream 
7. Makeup Remover
MAC cleanse off oil

1. Shower Gel/Soap
I like Palmolive shower gels
2. Body Lotion/Cream
Kings&Queens myrrh body butter
3. Hand Cream
I use Lush massage bars
4. Lip Balm/Lip Treatment
Elizabeth Arden lip protectant stick in honey
5. Perfume
Gucci by Gucci

1. Shampoo/Conditioner
Estel Professional color hair shampoo/The Body Shop honey moisturising conditioner
2. Mask or Other Treatments
I use a lot of products on my hair, but currently I'm loving Lee Stafford bleach blondes moisturising treatment. Even though I don't have bleached hair, it works for me. 

1. Foundation
Bare Minerals or YSL matt touch foundation mixed with studio moisture tint by MAC
2. Powder
MAC MSF natural when I use liquid foundation
3. Blush
"Tenderling" by MAC
4. Mascara
MAC splashproof lash
5. Lipstick/Lipgloss
YSL rouge pure № 141 in Pink Satin (I believe that's the name)/"Ban This" dare to wear lipglass by MAC
6. Eyeshadow
"Tan" pigment by MAC
7. Eyeliner
Lancome artliner and Dior eyeliner pencil in Black

P.S. Since my previous post was a lot about food, I wanted to tell you about the meal I cooked recently. It's the recipe by beautiful Dulce Candy. I love Mexican food, so I decided to try this. My tacos turned out really good!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments! Thanks for reading!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Budapest Vacation

Hello, everyone! In the end of October we (my husband, our daughter and I) went to Budapest for ten days. We absolutely love the city, it is sooo beautiful. Moreover, it's a special place for us, because we used to live there for a month two years ago. We aslo have some friends there.
The time we spent was amazing, there's nothing better than to travel with my loved ones. These memories are so precious to me, so I would like to share with you some moments of our vacation...

The famous Budapest Parliament

The Danube River

The Fisherman's Bastion

Hungarian food is amazing!!! We went to a lot of restaurants :)

And here is what I purchased in MAC there:

Hope you liked this one!
See you!