Monday, May 2, 2011

Important Day

Hey, guys! I have some exciting news to share with you! So recently I've been asked to be a makeup artist on one of the photoshoots. As I already told you, I'm really into freelancing as a makeup artist, so thanks to my blog, one photographer got interested in my work. Inspite of being very busy lately, especially with teaching, I found time to do my first makeup job :) This was the Julianne Moore look we were going for (the model also has red hair):

Me wearing kinda the same makeup :) My eyeshadows - White Frost, Knight Divine and Print by MAC

What I wore that day (on my eyes - Satin Taupe and Club by MAC):

Shirt - H&M
Pants - Zara
Blazer - Zara
Shoes - Guess
Jewelry - my regular jewelry

My nails - Parlez-vous OPI? by OPI:

The fun part - what I took with me in my train case. Many of you actually requested to post some pictures of my makeup case filled up, so here it is. It's the makeup that was necessary for the particular photoshoot, so there was no need to bring everything with me. 

Hope you enjoyed! If you would like me to make a list of makeup kit essentials, I would totally do it! Take care, everyone!


Anonymous said...

very pretty and you are so talented. love the nail polish colors and that leopard print shirt looks divine on you. congrats on being able to do what you want!

Alisa said...

Thank you for your lovely comment!)))

dzaro said...

Alisa your tool is very complete..:)
I think you are a profesional on your job!! good luck..

thanks for followed me, I followed you too..

Helly Di Duca said...

Great news, love the look. The OPI nail varnish is such a nice colour. Were you nervous? Helen x

Alisa said...

Thanks, guys!

Helen, yes, I was :) I always take things like that seriously!

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StyleMemoires said...

Thats so exciting! Congrats.
Thank you for visiting my blog and following me. Your Blog is really cool i'm now following you too :)


Bee29 said...

Hi Alisa, I just stumbled upon your blog and absolutely love it! It's especially interesting to me, since I was born in the former USSR, but moved to NY, when I was a child. I look forward to your reading more of your posts :)

Alisa said...

thank you girls)))

Bee29, oh, that's fascinating!

Kat said...

i love your nail color :)

Alicia said...

I did a make-up course myself & I have a similar box :) Congrats on the photoshoot job! I really like your blog, those nude shoes in your last post are gorgeous! Following you :)

Alisa said...

thank you)))

SparklyRose said...

i like your nail color :) greets :)

Izabell said...

Very nice!
I also want such a bag!