Tuesday, July 23, 2013

All About Hair

Hey, everyone! I really wanted to talk to you about hair! I'm going to the salon in a couple of weeks and wanted to share what I'm planning on doing with my hair. I've always had long hair, it is pretty long right now too and I feel like I don't even want to cut it! I'm sure I'll get some lowlights to maintain my dark blond color, which I'm really liking right now. So here is how my hair looks:

But what I've also been thinking about lately is trying ombre on my hair and also trying some hair extensions. As I already said, I'm a huge fan of long hair, I think it is so feminine and pretty. I can't imagine cutting my hair short right now even though I like some short cuts on other women. As far as ombre goes, maybe it is not so clear from the picture, but my hair naturally has this "barely there ombre" effect in it, I guess it can be from being in the sun during summer and being in the hat during our cold winters. But I still think I might accentuate that effect with the help of a hairdresser. Here are some lovely ombre hairstyles: 

I also like how long these girls' hair is. So as far as length goes, I really want to have that opportunity to be able to elongate my hair instantly, without even going to the salon. Like I said, my hair is long, but lately I feel like I would like it to be a little longer, I also like the idea of hair extensions making your hair fuller. So I've been trying to find some nice hair extension that I can order online. I came across the company and was amazed by the variety of hair extensions they offer. You can find the best option for you shopping by hair length, color, type and even weight. I found that light golden blond 18 inch clip in hair extensions are just what I need. I'm excited to try them out, because I'm really interested to see how my hair will look if it's longer and fuller. I'm sure they are natural looking and easy to use too, you just clip them in. 

Here is one more picture of my hair where you can see that natural ombre effect a little bit better, but I think I can really use some nice clip in hair extensions to make my hair look longer, fuller and healthier. I'm sure it will make my whole look a little bit more polished :) And I will be able to wear it down more often. The fun part is that you can always take them off. 

What do you guys think about hair lengths, extensions and ombre hair? What is your favorite hair style? Hope you enjoyed the post! See you soon!


Carrie said...

Girl, I have the same dilemma. I can't decide whether I just want to dye it all throughout or if I want to do an ombre. But i'm sure whatever you choose, it'll look great!!!


Alisa said...

Same here :) I guess I should just try something different for a change! Thank you for commenting!

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