Thursday, September 29, 2011

NOTD: Stranger Tides

Hello, everyone!!! Just a quick NOTD post! Enjoy! I love this color for everyday wear!

OPI in Stranger Tides:

Hope you are having a nice day!


Mary said...

Hi lovely,
how are you?
I'm just back from Milan Fashion Week:fab!!;)
I am now very tired but very happy to have been there:)
I love that color!So cute!!
See you soon

Alisa said...

that is very exciting! I'm also back from Europe, only from a family vacation in Berlin!
love your latest post!

sassycasual said...

I love these pale turquoise nail polish colors, so cool.

Sienna Ana Belic said...

so pretty!!!

StyleMemoires said...

Thats qute a lovely colour :)

Alisa said...

Thanks a lot!

LittleTurtle said...

Very nice color !
Turtle <3

Alisa said...

Thank you :)